#11 Investing in Biodiversity and Nature

Many know about the climate crisis, but what’s often less covered is the biodiversity crisis. However, the two crises are intimately linked, and it’s critical that both are considered in our approach to investing in infrastructure. With the biodiversity conference COP15 underway we’re finding out how and why we need to take action to halt and reverse nature loss.

In this episode we discuss why a ‘do no harm’ approach is no longer enough – and why our infrastructure projects must actively improve the natural environment. We find out what to expect from the Global Biodiversity Framework due to be announced at COP15 and how PIDG accounts for the biodiversity and climate risks within its portfolio.

Our guests are:

Cameron Bain, Health, Safety, Environment, and Social Director at PIDG

Cheryl Ng, HSES Regional Manager and Group Biodiversity Lead at PIDG


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#13 The PIDG Vision: A Strategy for the Coming Decade

Without addressing the urgent challenge of the climate crisis and the economic and geopolitical issues that it brings, sustainable development and poverty reduction are not possible. To ensure we’re equipped to deal with the many challenges the coming decade will present, the PIDG 2023-30 Strategy makes sustainable development and action on climate and nature the company’s central purpose.

#12 The PIDG Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusion initiative

A year on from our last International Women’s Day conversation about gender lens investing, much has been done to advance the agenda. PIDG’s own efforts have evolved, leading to the creation of the PIDG Gender Equity Diversity and Inclusion initiative, GEDI.

#10 PIDG at COP27

With the COP27 climate conference in Egypt now at a close, the PIDG team has been reflecting on the outcomes. With the focus firmly on climate adaptation and resilience, rather than emissions reductions, we ask - are our climate goals ambitious enough? Many of the countries in which PIDG operates are the most vulnerable to climate change, and that’s why it's working hard across its portfolio to invest in sustainable infrastructure.

30 min

#9 PIDG 2021 Annual Review: Empowering women

As we reflect on 2021, we see that despite the pandemic-induced challenges of the last two years, amazing developments have been made in providing infrastructure to those who need it most. In this current global climate, PIDG’s mission is more relevant today than when it was first established. And with 19 projects closed last year, and a continued commitment to the SDGs, progress is not slowing down.