#7 Capacity building to bridge the infrastructure funding gap in Africa

According to the Africa Development Bank, Africa’s infrastructure requirements range between USD 130 and USD 170 billion with an infrastructure funding gap of USD 68 to USD 108 billion. These figures demonstrate the critical need to provide essential infrastructure to local people to ensure long-term economic growth. At the core of this issue is the lack of technical capabilities which GuarantCo, supported by PIDG Technical Assistance funding, is addressing by organising capacity building workshops across Africa. In this episode we hear from stakeholders, partners and participants of the events who explore the transformational impact of capacity building.

Contributing to the podcast are: Edith Jiya, CEO Old Mutual Malawi; Mark Mikwamba, Managing Director Old Mutual Investment Group; Esnat Suleman, Head of Treasury and Investment Banking FDH Bank; Andrew Mbunda, Principal Relationship Manager at CRDB Bank; Jules Samain, MD Africa GuarantCo and Sarah Siliya, Business Development Manager Africa GuarantCo.

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