#9 Delivering the next generation of onshore local currency bonds

Local currency bonds are fast becoming a crucial way of supporting infrastructure project development in lower income countries across Africa and Asia. In this episode, we discuss the rapid growth of the bond market, why it’s become such an attractive option, and how bonds address the funding deficit in lower income countries. We also hear from PRAN Agro and Acorn Holdings, two companies that have benefited from bonds issued by GuarantCo.

Contributing to the podcast are:

  • Uzma Chowdhury, Corporate Finance Director at PRAN Agro
  • Raghav Gandhi, Managing Director at Acorn Holdings
  • Layth Al-Falaki, Chief Executive Officer at GuarantCo
  • Phil Skinner, Managing Director, Global Execution Team at GuarantCo
  • Angella Olobo, Associate Director, Global Execution Team at GuarantCo

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