#18 Bringing a Pioneering Maritime Freight Service to East Africa

The M.V. Mpungu is a first-of-its-kind freight vessel set to revolutionise the maritime industry in East Africa. Owned by East Africa Marine Transport (EAMT), it will operate across Lake Victoria, between Uganda and Tanzania, cutting journey times, reducing emissions and creating jobs. Supported by PIDG’s development arm, InfraCo Africa, the vessel will improve standards of transport infrastructure, save the economy millions of dollars and boost trade in the region.

In this episode, we discover how M.V. Mpungu will operate, benefit businesses and open up career opportunities for both men and women in the area. We also explore the project’s impact on sustainability. And we learn about some of the challenges that were faced, both in the development phase of the project, and in getting the vessel on the water.

And to mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work on the 28th April, we learn about PIDG’s health safety environment and social (HSES) framework and how these guidelines have been implemented during the development of the EAMT project.

Tune in for a conversation with:

Claire Jarratt, Chief Investment and Risk Officer, InfraCo Africa.

Rodney Seema is Regional Asset Management Lead, InfraCo Africa.

Jacob Kazungu is HSES Advisor, InfraCo Africa.

Your host is Marcel Klebba, Communications Manager at PIDG.

Find out more about the EAMT project here. And learn more about PIDG on our website, pidg.org.

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